About Wig Prescriptions

We're boosting confidence, one prescription at a time.

The main benefits are:

This first benefit is especially useful to the ladies out there, but it still applies to men too. The thing about natural hair, is that it requires a significant amount of care in order to make it look precisely right, particularly for longer styles. Wigs, however, are a great way to save time getting ready, since you can put it on and be on your way in minutes rather than hours!

-Coverage for Thinning Hair

If you are concerned with hair loss in the form of baldness or thinning hair, wigs are a great way to conceal this loss, and quickly return the confidence that often comes from a thick head of hair.

-Limitless Styles

Generally, making significant hair changes involves costly trips to the salon every few weeks, but with a variety of wigs, you can switch your hair color or style on a whim at any moment! One day you can have red hair, and the next you can have blonde... really it can be whatever strikes your fancy!

 -Damage Control

Another effect of changing or styling your natural hair on a regular basis is often damage to the hair. Wearing a wig regularly, or even just occasionally can give your hair a break from harsh styling and coloring routines.


Besides never struggling with a “bad hair-day” again, wearing a wig is often a very fun experience. Wigs can be used as an everyday statement, or even just for a single day to try something new and exciting.

Wigs created by, your pharmacist, Artesia are created by machine for longevity with quality extensions, and sewn to measurements for an ADHESIVE FREE  fit.
- Frontal Wigs

(The lace on a frontal stretches from ear to ear)

The purpose of a frontal wig is to give those who would like to fully protect their hairline privilege to do so without long term commitments; also this method is ideal for those who battle with hair loss, hair breakage and alopecia. Frontal wigs allow you the freedom of a full hairline illusion with multiple parting spaces and also the ability to put them on and take them off.
Frontal wigs require experience and are not typically beginner friendly wigs. It is important to take Your exact measurements so that I can correctly customize the unit specifically for you.