1. How do you take your measurements?

2. How often is maintenance required?

You should care for you wigs as you would your own hair. That said, with wigs, in particular, there are some key factors to keep in mind to extend the life of your unit. Take off units every night and store them on a mannequin head. If your wig is sewn along your hairline, however, wear a silk bonnet or scarf at night to protect the hair and keep it in tip-top shape.

- Shampoo your wig(s) with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner

Your own hair benefits from the oils produced by your scalp, but wigs don't have a natural source of moisture, so you should avoid cleansing them with products that contain harsh detergents. This is where sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners come in: They work as gentle cleansers, so you won't damage the integrity of the hair.

- Don't shampoo them too much

How often you should be shampooing your wigs depends on how frequently you wear them. If you wear a wig daily, washing it twice a month is sufficient to ensure hair remains bouncy and fresh-looking for as long as possible. But if you only wear a wig once in a while, a once-a-month shampoo will suffice. Never shampoo wigs more than three times in any given month, or you can risk damaging the unit and shortening its lifespan.

- Keep all wigs on a mannequin head when not in use

Unless your wig is sewn to your head, I suggest purchasing a mannequin head where you can rest it between wears. This also works as a great way to keep your wig's hairstyle intact as you get ready to go out. Leave it on the stand, then slip it on before heading out the door.

(Complimentary styrofoam mannequins are included with VIP shipping.)

- Never use heavy oils or styling creams

You don’t want to weigh the hair down, so it’s best to avoid anything that will make it look greasy or leave residue that has to be washed out later.

3. How long will the wig last?

Your purchase will last you forever! As long as you care for your wig it will take care of you. At most your lace will need to be replaced every so often. This time frame will depend on how you care for your wig and how often you wear it.

(Wig Warranty covers any damages or replacements for 1 year.) 

4. Are wigs easy to install?

Yes! THLP wigs are as easy as 123! You literally just slip them on and you're ready to go!

5. Can you work out in a wig?

Yes! You are able to work out in your wig. Although, I would advise removing it during your workout, for cleansing reasons. THLP wigs are GLUELESS and easy to apply again.

6. Wig Installs- How often should you remove your foundation braids and get them redone?

We recommend an appointment with Artesia at least every other month for your natural hair maintenance. For clients that sweat more than others, you may need to come more than others, but you shouldn't have to come and see me more than once a month.

7. Do glueless wigs need to have clips and an adjustable band?

No. Wigs don't have to have extra bands or clips for extra security- EXCEPT frontal glueless wigs, a band is added for the frontal to be completely glueless.

8. Can you go swimming in a wig?

Yes! However we would be sure your wig is secure SECURE before participating in any diving. However, this is another reason why THLP wigs are glueless so you can easily slip it off before swimming and slipping it back on when done swimming.

 9. What is the best starter wig for beginner?

THLP greatest suggestion would be starting with a lace closure unit, as they don't require a lot of maintenance.

10. What's best you plucking, or me plucking?

THLP wigs with lace come with the hairline pre-customized. They are all READY-TO-WEAR when you receive them.

11. What is the best way to secure your wig?

Because all wigs are created to your measurements nothing extra is need to secure your wig. All wigs are glueless and do not need any form of adhesive to be secured. However I do suggest using foam to blend your lace with your skin.

12. What is wig warranty?

Wig warranty is a 1 year warranty "same as new" add on. Any repairs are warranted in this warranty.


13. What does "remove extra lace for wear" mean?

Would you like for me to remove the extra lace for you to be able to wear your wig or would you like to do it yourself?