Meet Your Pharmacist

Dear Reader,
You did not end up here by chance. You are searching for hair solutions and I’m here to help.
My name is Artesia McCoy. I am a Texas based Hair Loss Solutions Specialist. I started my professional career at 19 at Margaret’s Hair Academy in Monticello, Arkansas and earned my license in 2016. I offer hair solutions for women who struggle with fine, thinning hair, or hair that has been chemically or mechanically damaged. I have whole heartedly invested and devoted myself to continuous education of medical solutions and hair trends and styles. In 2017, I became certified in non-surgical hair replacement and created my own unique method of Natural Linked Rows extensions. In 2020, I became a Master Wig Artist and now design and provide customized, ready-to-wear units that require no adhesive and protect natural hair. I love extensions of all kinds but I am passionate in healthy hair care and growth along with beautiful styles. Allow me to walk with you on your hair journey and together we can achieve the look you’ve always desired.